Celebrating International Women's Day: Featuring Amanda from The Farmer's Daughter USA

One of our favorite agriculture bloggers, Amanda from The Farmer’s Daughter, shares her thoughts about the role of women in agriculture.

March 08, 2019
Celebrating International Women-1

International Women’s Day is an annual global celebration of gender balance and women’s achievements. To celebrate, we asked one of our favorite agriculture bloggers, Amanda from The Farmer’s Daughter, what she thought about the role of women in agriculture. Amanda told us, “Women have always played such an important role on the farm. We've always been out there in the fields, taking care of animals, and driving tractors. But I love that women in agriculture are finally getting the recognition that they deserve!”

We couldn’t agree with Amanda more. Women play a pivotal role in all aspects of agriculture and recognizing the wonderful work being done by women in agriculture is incredibly important. Inspired by Amanda, we highlighted a few or our favorite awards that recognize outstanding women in agriculture and their recipients.

  1. Florida Woman of the Year in Agriculture, Dr. Ann Blount

Since 1985, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has honored notable women in agriculture with the Woman of the Year in Agriculture Award. This year, the FDACS named Dr. Ann Blount as the 2018 Woman of the Year in Agriculture, noting her contribution to Florida’s farming sector. Dr. Blount’s research in new techniques to improve fall forage production has been significant to the agriculture industry in the Southern Coast of Florida. More information about the FDACS’ Woman of the Year in Agriculture Award is available here.

  1. American Agri-Women’s LEAVEN Award, Jenny Stelmach

The American Agri-Women (AAW) LEAVEN Award is presented to a member of the AAW whose contributions have elevated women in agriculture. The 2018 recipient, Jenny Stelmach, was recognized for her volunteerism and work serving on many AAW boards. More about the AAW and the LEAVEN award is available here.

  1. Purdue Women in Agriculture Awards, Lisa Chaudion and Sheryl Seib

The Purdue Women in Agriculture Awards honor Indiana women who have significantly contributed to the success of Agriculture in Indiana.The Leadership Award recognizes a woman in agribusiness or policy making and was awarded to Lisa Chaudion. Ms. Chaudion was the first female president of the Indiana Future Farmers of America (FFA) and successfully led the organization’s charitable initiatives. Ms. Chaudion is currently the vice president of the Indiana Rural Safety and Health Council. The Achievement Award recognizes women in farm operations and was awarded to Sheryl Seib. In 2001, Ms. Seib was asked by the US Department of Agriculture to be the liaison to female agriculture workers in the Ukraine and played an instrumental role in establishing a government office for it. Ms. Seib is also highly involved in her family farm, Seib Farms, which has hosted many local, state and national leaders visiting Indiana for trade missions. More information about the Purdue Women in Agriculture Awards here.

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